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Corporate identity

A high-quality, personal and distinctive corporate identity gives the company a face. A good corporate identity reflects the company's strategy in visual form – it shows what the company believes in, what it does and what the company's values ​​are. A good corporate identity is recognisable, emotional, memorable and stands out from the competition.

Do you have the best product or service on the market? Let it show!

WordPress websites

WordPress is the world's most popular content management system. Its share of all websites in the world is 64.2%. WordPress is a perfect platform when the implementation follows the game settings set for it. Digital Priority implements WordPress websites according to the best standards in the industry.

When you want pages for your company that match your company's brand and reflect its values, that serve your customers at all hours of the day, Digital Priority is exactly the right choice for you.

WooCommerce Online Stores

WooCommerce is the world's most popular e-commerce platform. It is used by more than 28% of the world's online stores. Digital Priority WooCommerce is an e-commerce platform that enables a straightforward implementation method to get started with your own online store.

Our well-implemented, modular platform enables further development of online shopping according to business requirements and growth, now and in the future.

Omnichannel marketing

We implement multi-channel marketing measures with decades of know-how. We know how to combine data and creativity, digital and print, and therefore we also know that digital marketing alone is not enough when aiming for the best possible conversions.

Did you know that more than 30% use at least three different channels in purchasing decisions and making purchases? Message and appear where your customers are.

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Online service maintenance & hosting

With optimised WP/WooCommerce hosting, you can get your website or store up and running at lightning speed. The cache on the server level and a server specially optimised for WordPress distinguish the package from other similar services. As the needs grow, it is also easy to upgrade the package to a bigger one.

We offer speed, ease of use and top-quality customer service at a competitive price.

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